The Sydney Lyceum Club Inc welcomes new members and is open to all women who have a tertiary qualification and/or are prominent in, or have a particular interest in the arts, sciences, professions, business or social issues. Membership provides companionship and intellectual stimulation and women, who wish to promote a spirit of goodwill and understanding through the sharing of their interests, are invited to join.


Circles are the special interest groups formed within the club for the discussion and exchange of ideas. Members meet regularly, and while there is always scope for the creation of new circles, the four current circles are:

The Dame Mary Gilmore Book Circle meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 10.30 am when members discuss books and exchange opinions. Meetings take place at the Union, University & Schools Club.

The Art, Heritage and Music Circle meets 3-4 times a year. Members interested in visiting art galleries, concerts, historic houses and enjoying other cultural activities are encouraged to participate in this

The Evening Circle meets periodically and virtually at 7.00 pm for discussion. Open to all members it caters particularly for those whose professional commitments preclude attendance during the day.

The Morning Tea Circle, includes morning tea, after which there will be a speaker followed by general discussion and questions on the topic. Meetings are periodic and located at the Union, University & Schools Club.


Lunch and Dinner Meetings

Each month a luncheon or dinner is held at the Union, University & Schools Club, 25 Bent Street, Sydney, usually addressed by a speaker. Members must RSVP to the convenor before each event with any changes received at least 3 business days prior to the event.

At 12:00 noon members gather for drinks before going in to a two course lunch with wine at 12:30 pm. For dinners, members usually meet at 7:00 pm for drinks before a 7:30 pm two course dinner with wine.



The newsletter, produced two times a year, informs members of the meetings and activities of the Circles, the selection and progress of the scholarship winners as well as news and events of both the Australian and the International Association of Lyceum Clubs.



Sydney Lyceum Club awards annual monetary prizes to:

  • A student at the University of Technology Sydney for the best thesis in Journalism and Social Communication (the Dame Mary Gilmore Award);
  • A student obtaining Honours in Chemical Engineering thesis at University of New South Wales; and
  • The student of Western Sydney University who achieves the highest mark in the Master of Teaching Primary or Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Primary Teaching).
  • University of New South Wales – Lyceum Club Women in Engineering Student Award for Leadership and Engagement Award

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