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Lyceum Club members are women interested in the arts, sciences, social concerns and the pursuit of lifelong learning. Through personal commitment they promote understanding and enjoy friendship.

In ancient Athens the lyceum (or lykeion) was a public meeting place where philosophers and sophists, including Socrates spoke. It became famous for the school and library established by Aristotle. His students and followers, the Peripatetics, would join discussions conducted by their teacher on his afternoon walks through the colonnaded garden of the lyceum. In modern times, the first Lyceum Club was founded in London in 1903, by Miss Constance Smedley. Drawing on the ethos of the lyceum she aimed to provide what was greatly needed at that time, and still is, a meeting place where educated, independent and professional women could  discuss and exchange ideas, hear stimulating speakers and explore new horizons. By 1914 there were Lyceum Clubs in many cities, including Paris, Berlin, New York, Rome, Quebec and Melbourne.

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